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SPINN release new single, ‘After Dark’

A break-up staged beneath the streetlights, soundtracked by duelling guitars, SPINN release their latest song ‘After Dark’. Frontman Jonny describes the song as his most challenging yet, “It was a song I struggled writing the lyrics to, because in comparison to a lot of our stuff its quite heavy and dark. And I’m not a […]

No Hot Ashes announce their biggest hometown show to date

Stockport’s finest, No Hot Ashes, have announced their biggest show to date in Manchester’s Academy 2. This announcement coming just before the band’s landmark, sold-out gig in Manchester’s Academy 3. Get tickets for the show, here Stream their new single on Spotify, here    

SINGLES CLUB: The Real Cool are our latest addition with, ‘Always Her’

The Real Cool return with their infectious follow up to debut EP, Way Back! Formed with two brothers and a friend, the Birmingham trio have an ear for melodies and hookworms way beyond their years. And this is present in their new single, ‘Always Her’. The track sees the band touch upon themes that they […]

Catholic Action release a very merry christmas song, ‘No Angels’

Glaswegian Glam-Rockers, Catholic Action, are releasing their very own Christmas single, ‘No Angels’, today. The track is also coming with a special Christmas mix of their album’s track, ‘New Year’, from debut, ‘In Memory Of’. ‘No Angels’, is a fun and, quintessentially, British take on the festive time of year. As singer McCrory, croons, “You […]

SPINN release, ‘She Takes Her Time’, from their debut EP

With the first snap of the December chill, comes the shimmering dream-pop of a new SPINN single. Misty eyed and fleet of foot, She Takes Her Time is a shot at romance and a bid for indie-disco stardom, online now.  The first track from their new EP – out in March 2018 on Modern […]

No Hot Ashes release, ‘Eight Till Late’, from forthcoming debut EP

Quickly ascending Stockport outfit – NO HOT ASHES – are delighted to reveal their new single: ‘Eight Till Late’. As a band initially drawn together by their mutual love of 70s & 80s funk & disco records, it’s clear to hear on new single ‘Eight Till Late’ that their feet remain very much on the […]

No Hot Ashes are going to be on TV

Our very own No Hot Ashes will be featuring on the BBC’s new coming-of-age drama, “The A Word”. The show will feature Stockport’s finest performing a track live, and will air at 9PM on the 21st November. No Hot Ashes also had their great song, ‘Goose’, play in the background of one of the scenes, […]