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Calva Louise announce debut album ‘Rhinoceros’, available to pre-order now.

After the release of their latest heart-pumping single ‘I Heard A Cry’ (recently added to ‘The Indie List’ on Spotify) London trio Calva Louise have announced that their eagerly awaited debut album will be released on February 1st via Modern Sky UK. The record features 2 other previously released singles, and judging by them, the new […]

The Blinders’ debut album, Columbia, is now available for pre-order

“Welcome to Columbia. We invite you to open the gates to this new world and indulge in drudgery under absolute autocracy, served to you on a plastic tray. Johnny Dream skulks the streets as the factories fabricate their meat. The powers that be call for his head. Daddy told me it’s us and them.” – […]

The Slow Readers Club’s new album enters the charts at Number 18

The Slow Readers Club are celebrating their Top 20 chart debut with their new album Build A Tower, which went straight into the Official UK album chart at number 18 on, no.10 in the physical album chart, 4 in the vinyl chart, 4 in the indie album chart and number 1 in the cassette chart. […]

The Blinders release new single, ‘L’etat C’est Moi’, ahead of sold out shows

Out now, ‘L’etat c’est moi’ is the new single from Manchester based trio The Blinders and the second track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album.  Described by the band as “A self-proclaimed war-dance told by the Idiot King himself.  The first-person perspective of a madman, and his obsessive fantasies for power over all, […]

Brooklin release, debut single, ‘Gravity’, on SINGLES CLUB

Sheffield band, Brooklin, released their new track, ‘Gravity’, via ModernSky UK on the 9th March. The track, which comes in at a mighty 5 minutes, is an adventure into the minds of all great jazz musicians of time gone by. Although the band have are all in their 20s, Brooklin as a force has a […]

No Hot Ashes preview new single, ‘Bad Crowd’, and full EP ahead of release

Slinking back into your earshot with a criminally catchy new single, Stockport’s smoothest operators – NO HOT ASHES – unleash their latest cut: “Bad Crowd”.  You know that crowd hanging around your street that you were warned about, well they want a word with you… “We are the Bad Crowd and I wonder why […]

The Slow Readers Club release, ‘You Opened Up My Heart’

Manchester indie-electro four piece The Slow Readers Club have released their new single ‘You Opened Up My Heart’, taken from their upcoming album Build A Tower, to be released on May 4th via Modern Sky. An addictive blend of driving drums and foreboding atmospherics, ‘You Opened Up My Heart’ is a hugely infectious piece of […]