Sylvie releases new single “Ice Me Over”

Sylvie releases new single “Ice Me Over”

Meet our brand new signing SylvieOne taste of her peroxide pop is enough to melt a heart as cold as ice, with Sylvie matching iridescent production with her powerful vocals and sharp-tongued songwriting. A queer voice that glimmers against the grey hues of London, her latest offering Ice Me Over (and first single with Modern Sky) picks up where August’s Grey Hour left off.

Ice Me Over opens with desolate vocals delicately dancing over arpeggiated, electronic decorations. A richer soundscape unfurls as more layers are added, creating a sense of organic growth and evoking images of re-animation. Each subtle sonic development is a delight for the ears, and is a testament not only to Sylvie’s songwriting capabilities, but also her production prowess. The marriage of Ice Me Over’s ever-evolving aura and Sylvie’s deeply introspective lyrics makes for a highly beguiling yet melancholic listen. 

A self-confessed Lady Gaga enthusiast, Sylvie shows a similar commitment to the highly considered, deeply ruminative thematic ideas that characterises the work of her musical idol. According to Sylvie: “Ice Me Over explores notions of nostalgia and desire. Our memories are so easily triggered back to places, times and people and that’s what happened here; it started with the first line ‘the weather has reminded me of you’.

“It’s almost like a continuation of Grey Hour, and how sometimes I like to indulge myself in the idea of going back to those things that are bad for me – like being frozen in time. Sometimes I like to create little worlds for memories to live in – and this is one of them.”

Ever since moving to London from Suffolk at the age of 18 to focus on developing a career as a songwriter and vocalist, Sylvie has truly immersed herself in the capitals’ LGBTQ community and is rapidly emerging as one of its most engaging voices. With an EP in the works for 2020, and already vehemently supported by BBC Introducing, she is an artist that will no doubt seep into the conversations of pop enthusiasts in the coming months.