SPINN release new single ‘Bliss’

SPINN release new single ‘Bliss’

After a cultural expedition, sharing their music with their screaming fans of Tokyo, SPINN have returned to little old England and hit us with a brand new single ‘Bliss’ (LISTEN HERE). 2018 has already been a crazy year for the four local lads, seeing them take to stages all across the UK and beyond as well as releasing 5 singles and their debut EP. Now, as we head towards the tail end of the year the band have utilised all of their new found experience to develop their style and create an even more captivating listening experience in this latest release.

The track bursts open with an infectious synth melody that adds a fresh new layer of texture to their sound. This hook instantly captures your attention, before retreating momentarily, replaced by the bass-driven swell that is a popular motif of the band. Yet, moments after you have been lulled into this dream-like state, the tranquil bubble is burst and the chorus build up begins. The pulsating drums gather moment before opening the door into a blissful utopia of sonic emotion. The euphoric synth melody then returns, taking you even higher still. Bliss captures the very essence of the SPINN sound with an added dose of vibrancy. It is a track that lifts you out of your day-to-day life, and places you in a state of complete contentment. It is an indication of how the young band have grown over the past 12 months and will certainly fill all fans with huge anticipation, as they certainly have big things to come.

Watch the video to ‘Bliss’ here.

Following this release, SPINN have even more exciting times ahead, including the DORK Christmas Party with Bad Sounds, a headline show at London Camden Assembly followed by a hometown gig at Arts Club and much much more! Keep up to date with all SPINN news over on their Facebook and subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.