Red Rum Club release new single ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’ ahead of debut album

Red Rum Club release new single ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’ ahead of debut album

After gathering a devoted following within their hometown and across the UK due to their electrifying live performances, Red Rum Club have answered their fans’ prayers and announced the release of their debut album. ‘Matador’ [pre-order here] will come out on the 11th of January 2019 and will feature the previously released tracks ‘Calexico’, ‘Honey’ and the brand new single ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’ [listen here].

This new release sets out the stalls for the entire record; it offers a dense sound, full of character and brimming with the infectious energy that has brought the band their success. The track begins with a bittersweet melody and enters into an upbeat sway that is reminiscent of the early 00’s Merseyside sound of The Zutons and The Coral. It isn’t long before the verse is usurped; in enters the band’s trademark western-esc trumpet that opens the doors to a euphoric explosion.

The expansive chorus captures the very essence of the band’s sound. The idea behind the song is based on the question of “In a world where we’re so connected, why are we so lonely?” which is captured in their heart warming and though provoking video set in the heart of Liverpool which you can watch here. It seems a simple concept, but is one that is felt by a large percentage of the population. For anyone who has felt this in their lives, this song carries an added layer of significance and is blissfully uplifting. It allows you to escape the noise of the outside world, enter into the depths of the track and indulge in the thick, feel-good vibes that the sextet create. Perhaps it is this feeling of sonic rest-bite that makes their live shows so attractive and continues to grow their fan base as the word spreads round the city and beyond that these guys are a must see. The boys head out on the road in the new year so grab tour tickets here.


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