No Hot Ashes preview new single, ‘Bad Crowd’, and full EP ahead of release

No Hot Ashes preview new single, ‘Bad Crowd’, and full EP ahead of release

Slinking back into your earshot with a criminally catchy new single, Stockport’s smoothest operators – NO HOT ASHES – unleash their latest cut: “Bad Crowd”.

You know that crowd hanging around your street that you were warned about, well they want a word with you…

“We are the Bad Crowd and I wonder why I cannot see, I think and drink, talk politics and wonder why I never dream” – No Hot Ashes howl from their soapbox on this empowering and relatable new release.

‘Bad Crowd’ is a rallying cry for the youthquake generation. An anti-anthem that sticks two firm fingers up to the ‘hug-a-hoody’ brigade and all their faux ASBO-associations and cartoonish cliches of what it is to be young and working class in the 21st Century.

Pillowy bass lines plunge and squalling elastic strings snap and tear across this gnarly, nihilistic, groove-ridden grinder of a track. The third and latest single to be taken from the forthcoming ‘Skint Kids Disco’ EP, finds the band never sounding more focused in their vision to break free, nor frustrated with the rat run that is modern Britain.

Speaking about the track, frontman Isaac Taylor says:

“Bad Crowd allowed us as a band to experiment using different instrumentation and that was a lot of fun in the studio. The strings and tempo of the song add a slice of something new to the No Hot Ashes discography; it’s our disco-funk ballad. The lyrics explore being poor, feeling unmotivated and embodying the “bad crowd” your mother warned you about.”

No Hot Ashes will release their eagerly anticipated new EP release ‘Skint Kids Disco’ via the Modern Sky label on 30 March 2018 and you can listen to it below: