Natalie McCool releases new track “Someone Nue”

Natalie McCool releases new track “Someone Nue”

The innovative track ‘Someone Nue’ by Natalie McCool has been released on all major streaming platforms!

The flowing, electric sound comes with resonating vocals, making up the body of the song and throwing the listener into an unconfined, synthetic mindset- with the softer, plosive over-pronunciation of the last bridge eliciting a wistful feel. It’s a melancholic sort of jam for synthpop onlookers.

Her video stars a feathery, minimalist style, and echoes her overarching theme of blankness in it’s pale undercurrent- link to video here. She states herself, “I wrote this song about the creeping feeling you get when you know something is over. A “Nue” is a legendary Japanese spirit of ill omen; a shapeshifting phantom which sometimes appears as a black cloud. This was a perfect theme to bring to the lyrics because it represents the creeping dread you feel when you slowly realise the truth and what it represents. I wanted to weave this theme into the whole single concept including the video design which has a yin/yang feel to it, where you are watching something pure being spoiled,”.

See Natalie McCool live in venues throughout the UK on her 2019 tour: 

23rd September – Oporto, Leeds

25th September – Jimmy’s, Manchester

26th September – The Waiting Room, London

(Natalie is also embarking on a Living Room tour around September too!)

Stream “Someone Nue” today on Spotify!

– Written by Poppy Fair