Molly Green Takes Things Back To “Square One”

Molly Green Takes Things Back To “Square One”

Liverpool based rising R&B star Molly Green returns with new single Square One on Friday 31st January. It’s her first release since signing to Modern Sky UK and is her most stunning vocal performance yet. 

An instant groover, Square One draws you in with its sleek and effortless aura, with the crisp bass pattern and facile drum work lending a shrewd swagger. The track personifies cool, and the breezy nonchalance that infuses the track throughout compliments its impassioned story in a unique way. According to Molly:

“I wrote Square One at a time when an ex was creeping back into the picture and I was trying to determine whether opening up a conversation about the past would undo all the progress I had made in getting over him.” 

It’s refreshing to hear a track refusing to conform to the structural demands of a streaming dominated musical landscape, where face-disfiguring hooks and choruses within 30 seconds are sprinkled almost as token gestures. Instead, Square One is quite simply a great song. It feels like a classic, and on first listen you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a cover song originally written by a criminally overlooked soul singer from the 1960s, something Molly is keen to acknowledge:

“I have always been influenced by the old jazz and soul singers, and I’m pleased that this is evident is Square One. It was written and produced with some Motown references in mind – like combining a funky bassline with groovy melodies, trying to make that perfect blend of old and new.”

With every release Molly Green shines brighter and brighter. Square One is a song that demands repeat listening, and is a stunning showcase of style and versatility. Her voice only teases at its full capabilities, with every line delivered as if it were a walk in the park. The world needs more Molly Green and we cannot wait to hear more!

Listen to Square One HERE