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 Vinida is the queen of Hip-Hop in China. Ahead of her time in a rapidly growing genre and scene in the country.

She started with Hip-Hop when she was 13. On the reality show SING! CHINA 2016, she drew a heated discussion, bringing herself into the public eye with her original songs.

Vinida is commonly known as a rapper. But she has also been praised for her singing ability and unique music style.

In 2016, Vinida signed with the largest independent record label in China, ModernSky Entertainment. In 2017, Vinida released her debut single, ‘Dirty Mind’, which saw her feature on the cover of the first edition of Q in China.

Vinida’s brand has seen her become the most popular artist on all forms of Chinese social media, primarily Weibo.

During her rise to fame over the past year, Vinida has also become internationally known, and endorsed, by brands like Puma and Beats.