Declan Welsh and the Decadent West announce debut album alongside new single ‘No Fun’

Declan Welsh and the Decadent West announce debut album alongside new single ‘No Fun’

DECLAN WELSH & THE DECADENT WEST have released their new single ‘No Fun’.

A take-no-prisoners anti-anthem for the disassociated youth of modern Britain, ‘No Fun’ dares to stick two fingers up at the pouters and posers found to be draining the life from just about any and every party.  

Given its official first spin by Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1, the track is available to stream on all platforms here and now:

Arriving at the end of a rammed and sweaty UK tour and ahead of their Glastonbury performance, ‘No Fun’ is the latest excerpt of the band’s long awaited debut album, whose title Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold and release details are also officially confirmed today. Featuring 12 studio recordings, produced by the esteemed Chris Marshall in Glasgow (Gerry Cinnamon, Baby Strange, The Dunts, The Van T’s etc), the record will be released on 18th October 2019, with former singles ‘Absurd’ and ‘Different Strokes’ amongst its tantalising track-listing.

Setting a precedent to expect the unexpected on their debut, new single ‘No Fun’ is one such example of many left-turns to be found littering the intrinsically volatile: ’Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’. Marking a shift in gear from the political to the personal, ’No Fun’ is a snarky riposte to performatively interesting party-goers, as it charges through 3 minutes of razor wire guitars and galloping drums. With Welsh in parts trading his distinctly Glaswegian accent with a southern twang, the singer makes a sly dig at the London A&R men who are too often lacking in self-awareness. From the appropriation of Scottish working class ‘buckfast’ culture, to that one guy wearing a bucket hat ironically blaring out 80’s cheese, desperate to be the life of the party, ‘No Fun’ takes aim at the various forms of ‘party chat’ encountered in a Glasgow flat at 3am.

Welsh explains: ​‘’No Fun’ is about the inflated self importance of the kind of people who get full of it at a party and corner you to tell you about how they went on holiday and seen “the real Thailand”. It’s about folk with no self awareness. It’s about people who think they are the kings of all banter because they put on a funny hat at 3am. It’s about people who say the word sesh with no hint of irony. It’s about people who say the word sesh ironically. It’s about people who say the word sesh.’ ​- ​Declan Welsh