Catholic Action release “One of Us” and announce album 2!

Catholic Action release “One of Us” and announce album 2!

The lads from Scotland have done it again with their latest release “One of Us” and announce that album two “Celebrated by Strangers” is coming March 27th 2020.

One Of Us packs a fuzzed-out stomp alongside masterfully giddy melodies that sees lead singer and guitarist Chris McCrory recount “the welfare son of a welfare son”, taking aim at the billionaire-owned media and their Bullingdon Club ilk who shirk responsibility for sowing the division we see in the UK.

The latest release comes with an impressive music video. Watch here. McCrory comments on the video; “Our good friend, musician, filmmaker and comedian Romeo Taylor came over to our rehearsal room with some lights, a camera, beer and a tarpaulin. We then proceeded to drink (some of) the beer and mime for the camera. An hour or so later, we had something for people to look at while they listen to the song. So, we took a walk down by the river before having a nice dinner together, as friends often do. Thanks Taylor.” 

With album two “Celebrated by Strangers” coming in March 2020 it’s exciting times all around. See the complete tracklist here:

1. Grange Hell (South London In D)
2. Witness
3. I’m No Artist
4. One Of Us
5. Yr Old Dad
6. And It Shows
7. People Don’t Protest Enough
8. Another Name For Loneliness
9. Sign Here
10. There Will Always Be A Light
11. Four Guitars (For Scottish Independence)

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