Calva Louise announce debut album ‘Rhinoceros’, available to pre-order now.

Calva Louise announce debut album ‘Rhinoceros’, available to pre-order now.

After the release of their latest heart-pumping single ‘I Heard A Cry’ (recently added to ‘The Indie List’ on Spotify) London trio Calva Louise have announced that their eagerly awaited debut album will be released on February 1st via Modern Sky UK.

The record features 2 other previously released singles, and judging by them, the new album is going to be a ferocious one! They offer a strange yet inciting variation, not just between different songs but within them too. They present a slightly dreamy, sun-kissed coating on top of a harsh, grunge under-layer. This is best displayed in ‘Getting Closer’. At first you may be lulled into thinking that this group are a laid-back surf-pop outfit, with an upbeat lyrical groove providing the basis for most of the song. However, at around the 40 second mark, you are hit with an incongruous scream of raw aggression. Evidence that they are hiding a darker side beneath the vale.

Also appearing on the album is ‘Outrageous’. From the outset you can feel the swagger and angst pour out of this track. The shouts of “Outrageous” are met with American influenced, friction filled chorus of ‘La’s’ that moves around you and can find you lost amid the sonic swell. Yet, again, these grungey elements are contrasted by a bouncing sing-a-long melody that will be even more effective on their upcoming UK tour with The Blinders. This combination of summer synths, fuzzy riffs, tranquil melodies and raucous crescendos is what has made Calva Louise one of the most interesting emerging artists in the UK.

Now, finally fans no longer have to get by with a few singles. In less than 4 months you can indulge yourself in the punk tinted vibrancy of ‘Rhinoceros’. The album title is admittedly a strange one, yet as the band have explained is “in reference to a particular aspect of the work of Eugène Ionesco. In the lyrics of these ten songs we show our perception as young people, partly foreigners, who try to fit in and belong to something and somewhere in this globalized world”.  The album is destructive and yet well crafted. Described as “A pummelling introduction from the scuzz-punk trio” by Clash, this record is not one to miss.

You can pick their album up for pre-order or even grab yourself one of their slick design t-shirts here.