Brooklin release, debut single, ‘Gravity’, on SINGLES CLUB

Brooklin release, debut single, ‘Gravity’, on SINGLES CLUB

Sheffield band, Brooklin, released their new track, ‘Gravity’, via ModernSky UK on the 9th March.

The track, which comes in at a mighty 5 minutes, is an adventure into the minds of all great jazz musicians of time gone by.

Although the band have are all in their 20s, Brooklin as a force has a sound beyond their years.

The track was recorded at Old Pig Farm Studios, engineered and mixed by Steve Goodison and Nick Hunter. Whilst the Artwork was done by friend of the band, Isabelle Dubik.

Of the track, singer Jamie Heawood, said: “After we’d finished Gravity, there was a quote in a book I was reading that said ‘every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world’; something that resonated with me and more or less sums up the concept of the song.”

You can catch the band live on the following dates:

31st March – The Picture House Social

14th April – When In Manchester – The Castle Hotel

Brooklin are:

Jamie Heawood – Vocals
Nicholas Hunter – Guitar
Richard Blakey – Drums
Chris Mayall – Bass & Keyboard
Harry Poxon – Bass & Trombone