New Signing Tomike Releases New Single “Need To Go”

New Signing Tomike Releases New Single “Need To Go”

Tomike, the Irish R&B soul singer new to Modern Sky, drops new single Need To Go on January 31st. An artist emerging out of Dublin’s burgeoning R&B scene, her new single is a quick follow up to her debut EP Stage of Love released in October.

Need To Go sees Tomike exchange the old-school, downtempo Erykah Badu vibe of her EP for a more upbeat, soultronic infused take on R&B. The crisp percussion and the sub-bass bounce lends a buoyant and optimistic character to the track, all whilst retaining Tomike’s ice-cool energy through the marriage of slick production and her flawless, velvet vocals. Sonically, Need To Go oozes freshness, and themes of empowerment and self-sustenance are carried over from Stages of Love, delivered in a manner that is both composed and loaded with conviction.

Tomike’s stylistic fingerprint of cosmopolitan coolness pervades throughout Need To Go. The track evokes images of driving down Sunset Boulevard, roof down and wind in hair – an idea that according to Tomike is the very fuel of the song: 

The inspiration for Need To Go came from my experience of going to university and graduating with a law degree, working 9-5 but still feeling the Need To Go and pursue my passion for music. I don’t belong in the corporate world and was tired of spending Sunday to Thursday hating my life, constantly looking forward to the weekend.”

Tomike’s rise has been unique in its trajectory. Whilst support has come through the traditional channels, with earlier single Told You chosen by key Irish Radio DJ and tastemaker Tara Stewart as her track of the week, Tomike’s music also came to prominence via a performance for Hillary Clinton when the former Vice President of the U.S visited Dublin. She was also invited to perform at the Prinatan Fashion Show at the end of the summer as part of Bahrain Fashion Week. 

Listen to Need To Go HERE